When you make a route, you can specify a specific date, in which you can show your city only if these dates pass, and you forget to update them, the route will disappear from the search, so it is possible to put the label (by agreement). Guests put the date when booking of the route, when they would like to come to you, and you in response can change it on the date when it is convenient for you, in addition, in correspondence it is possible to agree in advance on the date of the meeting.

If you're worried that the application may come to the site and you miss it, in order to avoid this, we did the following: When you send a request to a route, you receive an e-mail notification and SMS notification when you confirm a route, then the guest also comes an e-mail notification and SMS notification. Also the e-mail notification comes when someone sent a friend request and when you received a message, if you are not currently on the website.

Despite the fact that the cards support the format when you enter "the CITY"-"the PLACE" for example "MOSCOW"-"RED SQUARE" and place will be determined automatically, there are cases when monuments or other objects does not have address on the map. In this case, specify the address of the nearest home to him, once marker appear on the map, you can manually drag the desired object, and then click on the "ADD POINT"

As soon as you send the request to a guide, in the folder "MY PROFILE" you have displayed your application, the city in which you go and the guide to whom you sent a request. As you can see the time counter that the guide has 24 hours to confirm your request or not confirm. Guide for any reason may not confirm your application, so please send a request to multiple guides.

The website allows you to create multiple routes. May guests have been to your city and will find many familiar places on one of your routes, then they will have the opportunity to see something they haven't seen on another of your routes. Or you yourself at the meeting agree and will amount to an arbitrary route.

You need to register on the website, tourforguest.com and imagine what fun you could show your guests, although we are sure you have it long done! During registration, tell us about yourself as attractively as possible, it will be a good opportunity for guests to meet you. Next, click create tour, and fill in the fields required.